Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 47 - Sunday

Day 47.  I'm starting to realize that the longer I stall on updating my posts, the more I forget the meals I'm having. I'm also very sleepy right now.

Breakfast at Denny's (10am):
-Ultimate omelette - cheese, sausages, bacon
-3 sausages
-20 oz of coffee with half and half


Dinner at Lucilles (5pm):
-half rack of bbq good
-sweet potato fries, 4oz
-braised greens
-half biscuit with apple butter...because I couldn't help it

800 burpees
Result: 2hours and 3 minutes

I freakin' forgot to do the 45...what a miscalc!

Day 47 done.

Day 46 - Saturday

Day 46

-1 banana

Bills Birthday WOD - 7min AMRAP of 100m run and 6x135lb thruster (result: 5 rounds), 5 min rest, then 7min AMRAP of 25pullups and 45x53lb kb swings (result: 1 round + 40 reps), 5min rest, then 7min AMRAP of 6 tire flips and 25 double unders (result: 8rounds + 1 rep)

Breakfast at Fantasy Cafe in Anaheim Hills (11am):
-4 pieces of bacon
-4 pcs of sausages
-6oz steak
-4oz of hashbrowns
-2 eggs scrambled
-20oz of coffee w/ half and half


Dinner at Yard House in Chino Hills (6pm):
-half rack of bbq pork ribs
-32oz of diet coke
-6 oz of sweet potato fries
-3 oz of ice cream over lava cake

And then....
Dancin' and drinkin' at Montana's in San Dimas
-Newcastle beer
-Norcal Margarita

I now owe 900 burpees...but for the sake of not killing myself with doing these, I'm going to count the 55 burpees done Day 43...why?...because I could. So now, I owe 845 burpees. Day 46 done!

Day 45 - Friday

Day 45

Breakfast (630am):
-24 oz of coffee with vanilla cream
-2 eggs scrambled
-8 oz of bbq chicken

Lunch with the boss at a really nice sushi joint (forgot the name, 1230p)
-6 oz of sashimi (salmon, yellow tail, ...)
-2 shrimp hand rolls without rice, avocado (freakin' awesome i may add)
-some other cooked fish (forgot the names)

Beer-thirty: (3pm)
-3 norcal margaritas

WOD (5pm):
-5 rounds of 21 reps each of 53lb kb swings, knees to elbows, double unders
Result: 17min3seconds
Yes...I did it under the influence.

Dinner at Waba Grill, my new fave (7pm):
-Salmon plate - 6oz salmon, salad, veggies, half orange
-20oz of diet coke

I proceeded to watch The Green Lantern and the was probably one of the worst movies ever made! What a complete waste of money and time! Why is this relevant? It's because I ate a small bag of popcorn with butter.

Day 45 done. And oh yeah, I owe 750 burpees

Day 44 - Thursday

Day 44

Breakfast (6am)
-2 eggs sunny side up
-12 oz steak
-24 oz coffee with vanilla cream

Lunch at Chipotle (1130am)
-Carnitas bowl - carnitas, fajita mix, sour cream, guacamole, mild salsa
-2 oz of cranberry, cashew, almond, walnut trail mix


Dinner at Twisted Vine:
-2 x 6oz glasses of Pinot
-8 oz of bread
-2oz of chocolate dip
-1 deviled egg
-2 small slices of pizza
-4 oz of sliced deli meats

I owe 600 burpees. Day 44 done.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Days 38 through 43....I know, I know

my feeling exactly (really Maniago??? really???)

So here's the deal. These past few days have been really crappy for me in terms of nutritional wellness. I know that we're still in the nutritional challenge and really only have a little over 2 weeks to go. I haven't posted on due to my laziness, busy-ness (I'm sure this isn't a word), shamefulness, and a little bit of I-don't-give-a-*bleep*-ness (definitely not a word). It's the summer and I'm catching a little bit of that "let's just have fun" fever and because of this the nutritional challenge has sort of taken a back seat. With the "fun" weekends coming up prior to the end of the challenge, it's going to be hella tough to come out of it unscathed. What's even worse is that I've been trying to get people to try going paleo! How crazy ridiculous is that I'm trying to convince them to do it while I hypocritically go the other way! From now on I'll just shut up until I can manage to get back on board consistently.

With this I leave you with my mind-numbing 6 days worth of never-before-seen posts. Try not to fall asleep while reading as I am trying to do the same typing this up. Also, I'm going to start from the most recent day (today, Day 43), so that it keeps in flow of the previous posts. more thing....I owe 500 burpees.

Day 43 - Wednesday

Breakfast (630am)
-4 oz chicken sausage
-2 eggs sunny side up
-2 x 20z coffee with 3 x 1oz vanilla cream

Lunch at Waba Grill (1130am)
-Salmon plate - 6oz grilled salmon, vegetables
-12oz of diet coke

WOD (6p-7p)
-Strength: 3 reps X 5 sets of overhead squats
I started with 95lbs and kept increasing in increments of 10lbs. I was able to do the reps of 155lbs but I failed on 165lbs (I did 2 but the last one I dropped)
-Metcon (sort of): 10-9-8....1 of 225lb deadlifts, burpees, dead-hang pullups
Result: 23 minutes...I admit it...totally dogged it

-5oz of Apple Chips
-5oz of cranberry, almonds, cashew trail mix

Dinner at Chipotle (830p)
-Steak bowl - steak, fajita mix, guacamole, sour cream, regular/mild/spicy salsa
-12oz of unsweetened ice tea
-12oz of diet coke

Day 43 done!

Day 42 - Tuesday

Breakfast (630am)
-4 x 2oz chicken sausage
-2 eggs sunny side up
-24 oz of coffee with vanilla cream

Lunch at Flame Broiler (1130am):
-Works bowl - chicken and beef, no rice, all veggies
-12oz diet coke
-12oz ice tea


Dinner at Slater's 50/50 (7pm)
-1/2 of cobb salad
-2 skinny margaritas (somehow I really got F'd up by drink ever)

and then...
-2 tacos at Jack in the Box
-12 oz of oreo cookie shake (F--- me!)

I can't believe I slipped at the end there. Day 42 done son!

Day 41 - WTF Monday

Breakfast (630am)
-2 eggs sunny side up
-5 oz turkey bacon
-24 oz of coffee with vanilla cream

Lunch at Pho' something something (1145am)
-8 oz of marinated pork
-8 oz of marinated beef
-2 eggs sunny side up

WOD (6p-7p)
-10 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off of squats, kb situps (24lbs), ab rings superman ??
Result: don't care...I went hard though

Dinner at Lampost Pizza (9pm)
-Mediterranean greek salad with 6oz of chicken
-48 oz of diet pepsi
-2 oz of trail mix


Day 40 - Sunday


-tabata something or rather

Breakfast Part Deux at Esther's (11am)
-steak and eggs
-with chips

Dinner, sort of (4pm) at Tommy's Burgers
-Double chili burger
-12oz of chili fries
-24oz diet coke

Done. Son.

Day 39 - Saturday

Breakfast...this was actually an after party type of deal, but technicality makes it breakfast (230am) at Denny's
-Chicken-fried steak with pico de gallo salad laced with bacon..yum!

No Lunch


Dinner at Fish Market in Los Alamitos for Father's day celebration (7pm):
-8 oz of grilled scallops
-36oz of diet coke

Saturday done!

Day 38 - Friday Funday!

Breakfast (630am)
-2 eggs sunny side up
-5oz of turkey bacon
-36oz of coffee with vanilla cream

Lunch at this very awesome place in Costa Mesa...plaza across from The Lab...very hipster-like (12pm)
-pulled pork bbq omelette...exactly what you think it will taste like...freakin' good!
-8oz of mixed fruit (berries)

Dinner at Rooster's Fun Bar (7p to I don't know)
-300 burpees worth of drinks, maybe more but I don't remember...and if I don't remember then it doesn't count
-2 x 12oz of meatballs with marinara sauce


Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 37 -Thursday

Breakfast (630a):
-4 pieces of turkey bacon
-2 eggs, sunny side up
-48oz of coffee with vanilla cream

Lunch at Gyro King...again (1115a):
-Gyro plate - 6 oz of lamb meat over a bed of lettuce, hummus, some other salad-like minty stuff (so descriptive, i know)
-12 oz diet coke
-6 oz of trail mix (no peanuts but lots of raisins)

WOD (6p-7p):
-50 burpees to go back to even with the drinks
-"No Rest Barbara": 5 rounds of 20 pullups, 30 pushups, 40 situps, 50 squats
Result: 28min30seconds

Dinner (8p) at Chipotle:
-Steak bowl - steak, fajita mix, all the salsas, sour cream, guacamole, no rice
-12 oz of diet coke

Just when I knew I was safe....
-2 mugs (probably 32 oz each) of Stella beer
-2 shots of ??? (I forgot what the shots were, fruity though). It was Suzanne's birthday and it was free, so whatever! Don't judge me! Ok, judge me...I'm weak.
-1 1/2 garlic roll. That was just peer pressure

There you have it. I finish Day 37 by owing 200 burpees!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 36 - Wednesday

Day 36. *Yawn*

Breakfast (630a):
-2 eggs sunny side up
-4 oz of bacon
-24 oz of coffee with half and half cream

Lunch at Gyro King (1230p):
-Gyro plate: 8 oz of lamb over a bed of lettuce, 3 oz of hummus
-12 oz of diet coke

WOD (6p-8p)
Strength: 5-5-3-3-1-1 backsquats
Result: 5x135lb, 5x165lb, 3x205, 3x225, 1x255 (PR), 1x285 (fail)

Metcon: 50-40-30-20-10 of situps, good mornings (w/ 45lb bar), double unders
Result: 20min6seconds

Dinner (830p):
-8 oz of tilapia (fish) with medium sauce (don't know how to describe it)
-12oz of coconut juice

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 35

Weighed myself today....173.2 lbs. Yikes! Day me!

By the way, this isn't me

Stolen Quote of the Day:

“Middle class thinkers fail and retreat back to their comfort zone. World class thinkers fail and keep starting over until they succeed. Champions aren’t any smarter, more educated, or ambitious than the average person, but they are far more resilient. While middle class thinkers process their failures through emotion, world class thinkers process failure through logic. Middle class thinkers are ashamed of failing while world class thinkers see their resilience as a testament to their toughness.”
–Steve Siebold

Let's try to be world class y'all!

Breakfast (630a):
-3 eggs sunnyside up
-6 oz of bacon, 6 pieces
-24 oz of coffee with light vanilla cream (I'll go back to plain black next week)

Lunch (1130a) at Flame Broiler:
-Works Bowl - chicken, beef, all veggies, no rice. I think I'm just going to ride this out for the remainder of the week. Changes coming ahead!
-24 oz of diet coke

-100 burpees :) Finished what I owed for the weekend.
-15-12-9 of 115lb clean and jerk, unbroken sets (ie touch and go on the resetting on the letting go of the bar). This one really hurt my forearms due to my lack of practice of the hook grip. Result: FINISHED. Between sets 15 and 12, I took just maybe 4 minutes to recover and do set 12.. However, between 12 and 9, my arms were throbbing so much that I think it may have take almost 8 minutes to do set 9.
-500m max row. Result: 1min43sec.

Dinner at Slater's 50/50 (8pm):
-2 tall beers (back to -100 burpees)
-1/3lb 50/50 burger, lettuce wrapped with roasted garlic, peppers, dill pickle, yadayadayada
-12 oz nutella chocolate shake (son of a...)
-5 oz of sweet potato fries

I probaby shouldn't have had the 2 beers but someone had a bad day (not me) so it was almost like a gesture to drink. Melisa, stop having bad days! Day 35 done (son).

Day 34 - Monday

Ahhhh Monday. My favorite day of the week! I ate like crap this past weekend but at least I had fun...isn't that what summer time is all about? Anyway, here is (was) my Monday.

Breakfast (630a):
-3 eggs sunny side up
-2 x 2oz of chicken sausage
-24 oz of coffee with light vanilla cream

Lunch (1130a) at Flame Broiler:
-Guess.......Works bowl - chicken and beef, all veggies, no rice
-24 oz of unsweetened iced tea

-9 oz of cranberry, macadamia, cashew, almond, pineapple trail mix

-150 burpees for this past weekend's sins (I have 100 more to go)
-For time: 5 rounds of 50 jump and touch (you have to jump and try to reach a height of at least 18" above the tip of your fingers), 40 squats, 30 situps, 20 pushups, 10 pullups
Result: 38min1sec....and my calves are killing me.

Dinner at Chipotle (830p):
-Steak bowl - 4oz steak, fajita mix, sour cream, guacamole, hot/medium/mild salsa
-Came home to my dad's ground chicken dish...about 5oz of that
-2 x 12oz of coconut juice

Not a bad day. Day 34 done foo!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 33 - Sunday

At the Los Alamitos Horse Race Track just having a good ol' time!

WOD (9am):
Modified Tabata of battle ropes, 135lb backsquats, backward single jump ropes, dips, 53lb kettlebell deadlifts
Result: didn't keep count

Breakfast (11am) at Esther's
-8oz steak
-2 eggs scrambles
-4 oz chorizo
-3 oz flour tortilla chips with salsa
-20oz coffee black

Lunch - None

Dinner at Los Alamitos Race Track (6p)
-2 x 12 oz Pacifico beer
-shrimp salad with avocado, 1 egg, 6 large shrimps, on a bed of lettuc
-3 oz of bread roll
-1 bite of vanilla cake

That brings the count to 250 burpees...I will do them, I promise!!

Day 32 - Saturday

This actually wasn't too bad of a day until night time...

Breakfast (7am)
-4 pieces of bacon (4oz)

WOD (9am)
-Crossfit endurance WOD: 10 x 250m sprints with 2min rest in-between...result: avg. time 42 seconds
-Canyon WOD: 15min Fartlek consisting of pushups, pullups, box jumps (24in), push press (95lbs), 150m run. 6 people per team (one member always at resting position) at each station. Movements from each station ends once the person doing the 150m run returns to replace the person resting, who in turn takes the place of the person doing pushups, who in get the idea.
Result: We went all out, but I don't know how many rounds we did.

Lunch (230p):
This was at a pool party/gathering for a buddy's birthday.
-30 oz of carne asada
-2 turons (banana and jackfruit inside a sugar-coated flour wrap)
-chocolate ice cream cake (4 oz)
-24 oz of mineral water

And then....
Dinner at Wurstkuche Bar (fancy shmancy hot dog joint with a german/belgian beer bar) - 1030p
-alligator and pork hot dog (4oz) with sauerkraut and sweet peppers, WITH white bun
-buffalo, beef, and pork with chipotle peppers hot dog (4oz) with sauerkraut and sweet peppers, WITH white bun
-8 oz of fries
-8 oz Chimay White Belgian beer
-2 x 17oz of Reisdorf Kolsch German beer

Damn it! that's 150 burpees I owe! Oh well, Day 32 done.

Day 31 (Friday)

So I probably should have updated my posts earlier than Sunday night (right now). I'll do my best. Damn it!

Breakfast (6am):
-3 eggs, sunny side up
-5 pieces of bacon (5oz)
-12oz of almond milk

Lunch at Flame Broilers (1130a):
-Works bowl-chicken, beef, all veggies, no rice
-12 oz of unsweetened iced tea

WOD (6p-7p)
-20min AMRAP of 10 overhead squats (95lbs), 10 burpees, 10 pullups, then 400m run
Result: 5 rounds

Dinner at Esther's (8p)
-32 oz of diet coke
-2 street tacos- pork, corn tortilla
-10 oz of flour tortilla chips with salsa
No drinks but the weekend just started....

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 30 - Halfway there!

We have entered the "halfway zone" into the 60 day challenge and I feel like I did in Day 1 - motivated but not disciplined. Let's hope for a better 2nd half.

Breakfast (630a):
-3 eggs, sunnyside up
-6 pieces bacon (6oz)
-12oz of unsweetened almond milk
-24oz of coffee with light cream

Lunch at Flame Broiler (1230p):
-Works bowl - chicken and beef, all veggies no rice
-12 oz of unsweetened iced tea

-2 oz of cranberry, almonds, and cashew trail mix

None. Arms are very sore (probably need to get back to fish oil).

Dinner at Slaters 50/50 (6p):
-1/3 lb 50/50 burger with quacamole, saurkraut, vampire dip cheese (?), in a lettuce wrap
-and ummmm................1 x tall stella beer, 3 x skinny :) margarita...mimic-ing the norcal version
-and ummmm.....ummmm.....6oz of nutella chocolate shake...damn good, but so damn bad

Ok, I had 200 insurance burpees, subtract 200 due to the 4 drinks, which now gives me 0 insurance burpees = 0 drinks. Day 30 done!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 29

Quote of the day:
"Listen, here's the thing. If you can't spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker. "
-Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) from Rounders

Breakfast (625am):
-2 eggs, sunnyside up
-5 oz steak
-24oz coffee with a splash of vanilla creamer

Lunch (1130a)
-8 oz of gyro meat on a bed of lettuce
-4 oz of hummus
-24 oz of diet coke
-4 oz of cranberry, almond, & cashew trail mix

WOD (530p-7p)
-Crossfit Endurance WOD 5 x 850m w/ 3min rest in between
Result: 28min8sec (with rest times included)...average 850m time ~3min13sec
-100 insurance burpees (brings total to 200 insurance burpees)

Dinner at Chipotle (730p):
-Steak bowl - steak, fajita mix, medium salsa, guacamole, and sour cream
-8oz diet coke
-3 oz of plantain chips

Day 29 done!

Day 28 - Terrible Tuesday

Not everyday is a good day. Today (Tuesday) was one of those days to forget. Nothing of tragic proportions, but one that I would like to do over. Anyway, here was my Day 28...

Breakfast (630a)
-3 eggs sunny side up
-6 oz of chicken sausage
-24 oz of coffee (with vanilla cream, yikes!)

Lunch at Flame Broiler (11am)
-Flame Broiler Works Bowl - chicken, beef, veggies, no rice
-24 oz of unsweetened iced tea

-5 oz of $7.49 Apple Crisp by Paleo People...I'm gonna have to buy this wholesale

-200 insurance burpees
-Cash in 1000m run, then 5 rounds of 2 muscle ups, 4 squat snatches (75lbs), 8 pistols, then cash out with 1000m row. I modified the pistols by using a 10lb counter weight, and after the 1st round, I modified the muscle up with 2 chest to bar pullups and ring dips to equal 1 muscle up. I tried for about 25 minutes to get 2 muscle ups on the second round. This was why my day sucked ass. I will never do a muscle up workout after burpees, much less 200 of the burpees.
Result - DNF. I will do this again next week, same day, different result (I hope).

Dinner at Slater 50/50
-2/3lb of 50/50 burger with grilled onions, pickles, smashed avocado, and ?? (I was in a haze)
-16oz of sweet potato fries
-2 x 16oz of Stella Beer (see ya 100 burpees!)

Day 28 done.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 27

Day 27 and having the case of the Munnndayss. I woke up feeling like crap from this past weekend's debacle, which I truly truly deserve. Also, I found out that due to the nature of the 100 burpee challenge, I need to do 200 more burpees in addition to the 100 I did yesterday. I'll have to present my case and try to reverse the ruling on this one.

Breakfast (630am)
-3 eggs
-24 oz of coffee
-24 oz of coffee with 3 packets of cream (Coffeemate)

Lunch at Flame Broiler (1110am)
-Beef bowl - beef, all veggies and no rice
-24 oz of unsweetened iced tea

WOD (530p-7p)
-150 "punishment" burpees - 13 minutes, I think
-3 rounds for time: 5 deadlifts (275lbs), 10 kettlebell swings (53lbs), 15 pullups, 20 ring dips
Result - 11 minutes

Dinner (915p)
-5 oz of bacon
-12 oz of pork
I know, I feel gross. I didn't have veggies to cook.
-12 oz of coconut juice with pul

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 26

It's still the weekend so therefore "bad" sits around the corner.

NONE...I think I'm getting used to this intermittent fasting stuff but I'll limit it to only during the weekends. It's a pretty good way to cleanse the body of the bad stuff, though ironically, it's during the weekends that I am at my worst.

Lunch at Esther's (12pm):
-6 oz steak, 2 eggs, and 3 oz of chorizo
-flour tortillas, maybe around 10 oz worth...I totally forgot that this was a taco joint that always puts chips and salsa in front of you right after you get seated. I should've said that we didn't want it (a lie of course) but it was already there...and I was weak...damn it!

WOD (9a-10a)
-20 min AMRAP: 20 wallballs at 20lb, 10 pullups, 5 deadlifts at 205lbs, 400m run
Result: 6 rounds (finished 6th round in 23min somethin'somethin' seconds)

Insurance WOD (1030a)
-100 burpees
Result: 8min55sec.
The burpees are due to the anticipated drinking that will happen at the event below. I figured I'm still strong enough to the burpees and I knew I was going to drink, so why not do it before and not think about it later? I'll probably end up doing this for the rest of the week :)

Throughout the rest of the day and dinner-ish
Melisa and I went to our buddy Eamon's cousin's birthday (I hope I got that right). It was a pool party with beer...WITH BEER.

-10 oz coffee with Stevia
-5 bottles (12 oz or so) of Pacifico and Stella
-6 oz of salad
-6 oz of asparagus
-4 oz of baked salmon, which was freakin' awesome by the way
-a really really small scoop of spanish rice (1 oz)
-more chips and salsa and guacamole and melted cheese. I was just eating away so I don't know how much.
-10 oz of tri tip
-6 oz of fruit salad - strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries
-2 x 12oz of coconut juice

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 25

Day 25, Saturday, June 4th
I weighed myself at around 7am...170.0 lbs.

None. I guess you could call it intermittent fasting, but I just wanted to see how much I could hold the hunger. I actually didn't eat until about 130pm.


Snack/Lunch/Dinner (130pm) at uncle's party
-15 cherries
-24 oz of a combination of ground beef, chicken, and asada (it's a party)
-side mixed spring salad with light vinaigrette
-20 oz of diet coke
and uh oh....
-2 turons - banana in a fried, sugar-coated wrap (thin)
-lemon merengue (small slice)
-chocolate mousse pie w/ coconut (small slice)
-chocolate cake with whip cream (small slice)
-fruit cake (small slice)
-6oz of water melon

...but hey, at least I didn't drink = 0 burpees! Day 25 done.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 24 - Friday!

Yo YO yO yo it's Friday! Have a great weekend! Remember the 100 burpee challenge!

Quote of the Day:

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are."

-The late, great John Wooden.

Think about it

Breakfast (630am):
-3 eggs, sunny-side up
-2 x 2oz of chicken sausage
-24 oz coffee x 2
-1 oz of apple crisp by Paleo People

Lunch at Chipotle (1115am):
-Carnitas bowl - carnitas, fajita mix, salsa, sour cream, guacamole. This is getting gross so I'll be off commission from eating Chipotle any time soon.
-16 oz of diet coke

WOD (6p-7p):
-For time: Cash in w/ 400m run, then 27-18-9 of burpees and 75lb squat clean thrusters, then cash out with 100 double unders
Result: 14min40sec

Dinner at Slater's 50/50 (8p):
I thought that this was going to be a bad night, but it turned out to be one of those times where I really really really did not want to do burpees. So congratulations to me for laying off on alky!

-1 lb (that's right...1 freakin' pound) of fire beef burger, no bun, with cheese, and other fried stuff in it, and lettuce wrapped
-5 oz or so of fried artichoke hearts
-2 oz of sweet potato fries
-24 oz of diet coke

Bad but not terrible, eh?! There you go, Day 24.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 23

Day 23

This challenge is going by pretty fast as we only have a little over 5 weeks left. Just gotta dial it in a little more with a few challenges in the near future. One in particular is my uncle's 60th birthday party this Saturday. Even if he's not filipino, it's a filipino party...meaning lots of food....lots of really bad food (but oh so good)!

Breakfast (630am)
-3 slices of sandwich turkey
-2 eggs, scrambles
-24 oz of regular "i'm never going back to cappuccino" coffee

Quote of the Day:
"Can you imagine what I could do if I can do all I can?"
-Sun Tzu

This video is pretty cool...and I just wanted to see how to put one up.

Lunch at Flame Broiler (1115am):
-Beef bowl-beef, veggies, blah blah, blah blah
-24oz of unsweetened ice tea

-4 oz of apple crisp by Paleo People

WOD (6p-7p)
-For time: 20 calorie row, 30 burpees, 40 ground to overhead w/ 95lb barbell, 50 toes to bar, 100ft overhead lunges with 45lb, 250m run
Result: 16min40sec

Dinner at Lampost Pizza (830p):
-Greek salad w/ grilled chicken - included feta cheese and light dressing
-30 oz of diet pepsi

Day 23 done

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 22

Waddup Day 22!

Breakfast (615am):
-3 eggs
-10 oz of cappuccino mixed with coffee (never again!...this was in a 24 oz cup and I threw out the rest...too sweet)

Lunch (11am):
-Flame broiler beef veggie bowl - NO RICE!
-12oz unsweetened iced tea

WOD (6p-7p):
-"Chief": 3 minutes of 3 power cleans (135lbs), 6 hands-release pushups, 9 squats for 5 rounds with 1 minute rest in-between
Result: 18 rounds...dyin', man, just dyin'...need to work on pushups for sure a 3 min plank session, anyway

Dinner at Chipotle, AGAIN (830p):
-Steak bowl - fajitas, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, steak
-12 oz unsweetened iced tea
-1/2 oz of trail was just sitting right there!!!

See ya Day 22!