Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 30 - Halfway there!

We have entered the "halfway zone" into the 60 day challenge and I feel like I did in Day 1 - motivated but not disciplined. Let's hope for a better 2nd half.

Breakfast (630a):
-3 eggs, sunnyside up
-6 pieces bacon (6oz)
-12oz of unsweetened almond milk
-24oz of coffee with light cream

Lunch at Flame Broiler (1230p):
-Works bowl - chicken and beef, all veggies no rice
-12 oz of unsweetened iced tea

-2 oz of cranberry, almonds, and cashew trail mix

None. Arms are very sore (probably need to get back to fish oil).

Dinner at Slaters 50/50 (6p):
-1/3 lb 50/50 burger with quacamole, saurkraut, vampire dip cheese (?), in a lettuce wrap
-and ummmm................1 x tall stella beer, 3 x skinny :) margarita...mimic-ing the norcal version
-and ummmm.....ummmm.....6oz of nutella chocolate shake...damn good, but so damn bad

Ok, I had 200 insurance burpees, subtract 200 due to the 4 drinks, which now gives me 0 insurance burpees = 0 drinks. Day 30 done!


  1. I thought you had 3 skinny margaritas, no? Anyways, nutella shake was on point son!!

  2. hahaha...i don't remember...and yes, the shake was killer