Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 32 - Saturday

This actually wasn't too bad of a day until night time...

Breakfast (7am)
-4 pieces of bacon (4oz)

WOD (9am)
-Crossfit endurance WOD: 10 x 250m sprints with 2min rest in-between...result: avg. time 42 seconds
-Canyon WOD: 15min Fartlek consisting of pushups, pullups, box jumps (24in), push press (95lbs), 150m run. 6 people per team (one member always at resting position) at each station. Movements from each station ends once the person doing the 150m run returns to replace the person resting, who in turn takes the place of the person doing pushups, who in get the idea.
Result: We went all out, but I don't know how many rounds we did.

Lunch (230p):
This was at a pool party/gathering for a buddy's birthday.
-30 oz of carne asada
-2 turons (banana and jackfruit inside a sugar-coated flour wrap)
-chocolate ice cream cake (4 oz)
-24 oz of mineral water

And then....
Dinner at Wurstkuche Bar (fancy shmancy hot dog joint with a german/belgian beer bar) - 1030p
-alligator and pork hot dog (4oz) with sauerkraut and sweet peppers, WITH white bun
-buffalo, beef, and pork with chipotle peppers hot dog (4oz) with sauerkraut and sweet peppers, WITH white bun
-8 oz of fries
-8 oz Chimay White Belgian beer
-2 x 17oz of Reisdorf Kolsch German beer

Damn it! that's 150 burpees I owe! Oh well, Day 32 done.

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