Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 27

Day 27 and having the case of the Munnndayss. I woke up feeling like crap from this past weekend's debacle, which I truly truly deserve. Also, I found out that due to the nature of the 100 burpee challenge, I need to do 200 more burpees in addition to the 100 I did yesterday. I'll have to present my case and try to reverse the ruling on this one.

Breakfast (630am)
-3 eggs
-24 oz of coffee
-24 oz of coffee with 3 packets of cream (Coffeemate)

Lunch at Flame Broiler (1110am)
-Beef bowl - beef, all veggies and no rice
-24 oz of unsweetened iced tea

WOD (530p-7p)
-150 "punishment" burpees - 13 minutes, I think
-3 rounds for time: 5 deadlifts (275lbs), 10 kettlebell swings (53lbs), 15 pullups, 20 ring dips
Result - 11 minutes

Dinner (915p)
-5 oz of bacon
-12 oz of pork
I know, I feel gross. I didn't have veggies to cook.
-12 oz of coconut juice with pul

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