Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 25

Day 25, Saturday, June 4th
I weighed myself at around 7am...170.0 lbs.

None. I guess you could call it intermittent fasting, but I just wanted to see how much I could hold the hunger. I actually didn't eat until about 130pm.


Snack/Lunch/Dinner (130pm) at uncle's party
-15 cherries
-24 oz of a combination of ground beef, chicken, and asada (it's a party)
-side mixed spring salad with light vinaigrette
-20 oz of diet coke
and uh oh....
-2 turons - banana in a fried, sugar-coated wrap (thin)
-lemon merengue (small slice)
-chocolate mousse pie w/ coconut (small slice)
-chocolate cake with whip cream (small slice)
-fruit cake (small slice)
-6oz of water melon

...but hey, at least I didn't drink = 0 burpees! Day 25 done.

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