Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 26

It's still the weekend so therefore "bad" sits around the corner.

NONE...I think I'm getting used to this intermittent fasting stuff but I'll limit it to only during the weekends. It's a pretty good way to cleanse the body of the bad stuff, though ironically, it's during the weekends that I am at my worst.

Lunch at Esther's (12pm):
-6 oz steak, 2 eggs, and 3 oz of chorizo
-flour tortillas, maybe around 10 oz worth...I totally forgot that this was a taco joint that always puts chips and salsa in front of you right after you get seated. I should've said that we didn't want it (a lie of course) but it was already there...and I was weak...damn it!

WOD (9a-10a)
-20 min AMRAP: 20 wallballs at 20lb, 10 pullups, 5 deadlifts at 205lbs, 400m run
Result: 6 rounds (finished 6th round in 23min somethin'somethin' seconds)

Insurance WOD (1030a)
-100 burpees
Result: 8min55sec.
The burpees are due to the anticipated drinking that will happen at the event below. I figured I'm still strong enough to the burpees and I knew I was going to drink, so why not do it before and not think about it later? I'll probably end up doing this for the rest of the week :)

Throughout the rest of the day and dinner-ish
Melisa and I went to our buddy Eamon's cousin's birthday (I hope I got that right). It was a pool party with beer...WITH BEER.

-10 oz coffee with Stevia
-5 bottles (12 oz or so) of Pacifico and Stella
-6 oz of salad
-6 oz of asparagus
-4 oz of baked salmon, which was freakin' awesome by the way
-a really really small scoop of spanish rice (1 oz)
-more chips and salsa and guacamole and melted cheese. I was just eating away so I don't know how much.
-10 oz of tri tip
-6 oz of fruit salad - strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries
-2 x 12oz of coconut juice

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  1. You're 200 bur pees short bud! 2drinks = 100 burpees. Since you drank 5, that's rounding it to 300 burpees. Don't be sand bagging...