Thursday, June 23, 2011

Days 38 through 43....I know, I know

my feeling exactly (really Maniago??? really???)

So here's the deal. These past few days have been really crappy for me in terms of nutritional wellness. I know that we're still in the nutritional challenge and really only have a little over 2 weeks to go. I haven't posted on due to my laziness, busy-ness (I'm sure this isn't a word), shamefulness, and a little bit of I-don't-give-a-*bleep*-ness (definitely not a word). It's the summer and I'm catching a little bit of that "let's just have fun" fever and because of this the nutritional challenge has sort of taken a back seat. With the "fun" weekends coming up prior to the end of the challenge, it's going to be hella tough to come out of it unscathed. What's even worse is that I've been trying to get people to try going paleo! How crazy ridiculous is that I'm trying to convince them to do it while I hypocritically go the other way! From now on I'll just shut up until I can manage to get back on board consistently.

With this I leave you with my mind-numbing 6 days worth of never-before-seen posts. Try not to fall asleep while reading as I am trying to do the same typing this up. Also, I'm going to start from the most recent day (today, Day 43), so that it keeps in flow of the previous posts. more thing....I owe 500 burpees.

Day 43 - Wednesday

Breakfast (630am)
-4 oz chicken sausage
-2 eggs sunny side up
-2 x 20z coffee with 3 x 1oz vanilla cream

Lunch at Waba Grill (1130am)
-Salmon plate - 6oz grilled salmon, vegetables
-12oz of diet coke

WOD (6p-7p)
-Strength: 3 reps X 5 sets of overhead squats
I started with 95lbs and kept increasing in increments of 10lbs. I was able to do the reps of 155lbs but I failed on 165lbs (I did 2 but the last one I dropped)
-Metcon (sort of): 10-9-8....1 of 225lb deadlifts, burpees, dead-hang pullups
Result: 23 minutes...I admit it...totally dogged it

-5oz of Apple Chips
-5oz of cranberry, almonds, cashew trail mix

Dinner at Chipotle (830p)
-Steak bowl - steak, fajita mix, guacamole, sour cream, regular/mild/spicy salsa
-12oz of unsweetened ice tea
-12oz of diet coke

Day 43 done!

Day 42 - Tuesday

Breakfast (630am)
-4 x 2oz chicken sausage
-2 eggs sunny side up
-24 oz of coffee with vanilla cream

Lunch at Flame Broiler (1130am):
-Works bowl - chicken and beef, no rice, all veggies
-12oz diet coke
-12oz ice tea


Dinner at Slater's 50/50 (7pm)
-1/2 of cobb salad
-2 skinny margaritas (somehow I really got F'd up by drink ever)

and then...
-2 tacos at Jack in the Box
-12 oz of oreo cookie shake (F--- me!)

I can't believe I slipped at the end there. Day 42 done son!

Day 41 - WTF Monday

Breakfast (630am)
-2 eggs sunny side up
-5 oz turkey bacon
-24 oz of coffee with vanilla cream

Lunch at Pho' something something (1145am)
-8 oz of marinated pork
-8 oz of marinated beef
-2 eggs sunny side up

WOD (6p-7p)
-10 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off of squats, kb situps (24lbs), ab rings superman ??
Result: don't care...I went hard though

Dinner at Lampost Pizza (9pm)
-Mediterranean greek salad with 6oz of chicken
-48 oz of diet pepsi
-2 oz of trail mix


Day 40 - Sunday


-tabata something or rather

Breakfast Part Deux at Esther's (11am)
-steak and eggs
-with chips

Dinner, sort of (4pm) at Tommy's Burgers
-Double chili burger
-12oz of chili fries
-24oz diet coke

Done. Son.

Day 39 - Saturday

Breakfast...this was actually an after party type of deal, but technicality makes it breakfast (230am) at Denny's
-Chicken-fried steak with pico de gallo salad laced with bacon..yum!

No Lunch


Dinner at Fish Market in Los Alamitos for Father's day celebration (7pm):
-8 oz of grilled scallops
-36oz of diet coke

Saturday done!

Day 38 - Friday Funday!

Breakfast (630am)
-2 eggs sunny side up
-5oz of turkey bacon
-36oz of coffee with vanilla cream

Lunch at this very awesome place in Costa Mesa...plaza across from The Lab...very hipster-like (12pm)
-pulled pork bbq omelette...exactly what you think it will taste like...freakin' good!
-8oz of mixed fruit (berries)

Dinner at Rooster's Fun Bar (7p to I don't know)
-300 burpees worth of drinks, maybe more but I don't remember...and if I don't remember then it doesn't count
-2 x 12oz of meatballs with marinara sauce


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