Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 46 - Saturday

Day 46

-1 banana

Bills Birthday WOD - 7min AMRAP of 100m run and 6x135lb thruster (result: 5 rounds), 5 min rest, then 7min AMRAP of 25pullups and 45x53lb kb swings (result: 1 round + 40 reps), 5min rest, then 7min AMRAP of 6 tire flips and 25 double unders (result: 8rounds + 1 rep)

Breakfast at Fantasy Cafe in Anaheim Hills (11am):
-4 pieces of bacon
-4 pcs of sausages
-6oz steak
-4oz of hashbrowns
-2 eggs scrambled
-20oz of coffee w/ half and half


Dinner at Yard House in Chino Hills (6pm):
-half rack of bbq pork ribs
-32oz of diet coke
-6 oz of sweet potato fries
-3 oz of ice cream over lava cake

And then....
Dancin' and drinkin' at Montana's in San Dimas
-Newcastle beer
-Norcal Margarita

I now owe 900 burpees...but for the sake of not killing myself with doing these, I'm going to count the 55 burpees done Day 43...why?...because I could. So now, I owe 845 burpees. Day 46 done!

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