Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 35

Weighed myself today....173.2 lbs. Yikes! Day 35....save me!

By the way, this isn't me

Stolen Quote of the Day:

“Middle class thinkers fail and retreat back to their comfort zone. World class thinkers fail and keep starting over until they succeed. Champions aren’t any smarter, more educated, or ambitious than the average person, but they are far more resilient. While middle class thinkers process their failures through emotion, world class thinkers process failure through logic. Middle class thinkers are ashamed of failing while world class thinkers see their resilience as a testament to their toughness.”
–Steve Siebold

Let's try to be world class y'all!

Breakfast (630a):
-3 eggs sunnyside up
-6 oz of bacon, 6 pieces
-24 oz of coffee with light vanilla cream (I'll go back to plain black next week)

Lunch (1130a) at Flame Broiler:
-Works Bowl - chicken, beef, all veggies, no rice. I think I'm just going to ride this out for the remainder of the week. Changes coming ahead!
-24 oz of diet coke

-100 burpees :) Finished what I owed for the weekend.
-15-12-9 of 115lb clean and jerk, unbroken sets (ie touch and go on the ground...no resetting on the ground...no letting go of the bar). This one really hurt my forearms due to my lack of practice of the hook grip. Result: FINISHED. Between sets 15 and 12, I took just maybe 4 minutes to recover and do set 12.. However, between 12 and 9, my arms were throbbing so much that I think it may have take almost 8 minutes to do set 9.
-500m max row. Result: 1min43sec.

Dinner at Slater's 50/50 (8pm):
-2 tall beers (back to -100 burpees)
-1/3lb 50/50 burger, lettuce wrapped with roasted garlic, peppers, dill pickle, yadayadayada
-12 oz nutella chocolate shake (son of a...)
-5 oz of sweet potato fries

I probaby shouldn't have had the 2 beers but someone had a bad day (not me) so it was almost like a gesture to drink. Melisa, stop having bad days! Day 35 done (son).

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  1. ok i just read this now... you're doing so well, layoff the beers! i'm not sure this "burpee" challenge is doing you any good! ... just lookin' out for mah homie!