Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 23

Day 23

This challenge is going by pretty fast as we only have a little over 5 weeks left. Just gotta dial it in a little more with a few challenges in the near future. One in particular is my uncle's 60th birthday party this Saturday. Even if he's not filipino, it's a filipino party...meaning lots of food....lots of really bad food (but oh so good)!

Breakfast (630am)
-3 slices of sandwich turkey
-2 eggs, scrambles
-24 oz of regular "i'm never going back to cappuccino" coffee

Quote of the Day:
"Can you imagine what I could do if I can do all I can?"
-Sun Tzu

This video is pretty cool...and I just wanted to see how to put one up.

Lunch at Flame Broiler (1115am):
-Beef bowl-beef, veggies, blah blah, blah blah
-24oz of unsweetened ice tea

-4 oz of apple crisp by Paleo People

WOD (6p-7p)
-For time: 20 calorie row, 30 burpees, 40 ground to overhead w/ 95lb barbell, 50 toes to bar, 100ft overhead lunges with 45lb, 250m run
Result: 16min40sec

Dinner at Lampost Pizza (830p):
-Greek salad w/ grilled chicken - included feta cheese and light dressing
-30 oz of diet pepsi

Day 23 done

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