Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 45 - Friday

Day 45

Breakfast (630am):
-24 oz of coffee with vanilla cream
-2 eggs scrambled
-8 oz of bbq chicken

Lunch with the boss at a really nice sushi joint (forgot the name, 1230p)
-6 oz of sashimi (salmon, yellow tail, ...)
-2 shrimp hand rolls without rice, avocado (freakin' awesome i may add)
-some other cooked fish (forgot the names)

Beer-thirty: (3pm)
-3 norcal margaritas

WOD (5pm):
-5 rounds of 21 reps each of 53lb kb swings, knees to elbows, double unders
Result: 17min3seconds
Yes...I did it under the influence.

Dinner at Waba Grill, my new fave (7pm):
-Salmon plate - 6oz salmon, salad, veggies, half orange
-20oz of diet coke

I proceeded to watch The Green Lantern and the was probably one of the worst movies ever made! What a complete waste of money and time! Why is this relevant? It's because I ate a small bag of popcorn with butter.

Day 45 done. And oh yeah, I owe 750 burpees

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